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Brain Master Program

Neuroscience master's program 

François Féron
Anne Kavounoudias
Jean-Philippe Ranjeva
Jean-Denis Troadec
The Neuroscience community at Aix Marseille University has been running a unique interdisciplinary Master in Neurosciences for 30 years.
However, nowadays, Academic training has to respond to new challenges: a world economic crisis, the globalization of science and new teaching/learning methods.
Here, we propose an upgraded Master program that addresses these major goals. 
1- Improve employability of graduate students by strengthening the interactions with the socio-economic world;
2- Strong partnerships with 2 or 3 highly renowned foreign universities with the long term aim to set up double or triple diploma;
3- Innovative learning structure with advanced tutorials, translational training, problem-based learning and bilingual online courses.

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