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  • COVID Info

    To date, although the health situation linked to COVID-19 makes cross-border travel more difficult, Aix-Marseille University is committed to welcoming all international students and researchers able to enter French territory.

    The procedures for entering France vary according to the country of origin. Consult the Ministry of the Interior website for the latest government directives concerning travel to France from abroad.

    Upon arrival in France, international students must respect the health regulations in force. Check the Ministry of the Interior's news page regularly for the latest measures to curb the epidemic in metropolitan France. International students will be subject, in the same way as national students, to the teaching conditions in force. The teaching conditions are likely to vary according to the evolution of the health context.

    We recommend that you frequently consult the online information posted on the Faculty of Science website.

  • Training offer

    The UFR Sciences offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor's degrees to doctorates, including professional bachelor's degrees and master's degrees with research and/or professional specialties.

    These courses enable our students to enter the professional world with a wide variety of jobs, both in terms of their level of qualification, from technician to doctor, and in terms of the fields of application. All scientific fields are taught.

    • Training provided in French

      You can find below all the courses given in French at the Faculty of Science:

      Even if few students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree stop their studies to work, it is very important to give those who do so the tools to choose and look for a job, and to help them become aware of the skills they have acquired so that they are able to make the most of them in their search for work.

      Three teaching units (UE) have been set up with this objective in mind: the first guides the student in his or her reflection on his or her professional project, the second allows the student to discover the workings of a company, and the last gives the tools for job hunting (CV, interview, reading job ads, etc.).
      Students can also do an internship in the third year of the degree in order to gain initial experience.

      They are accessed after two years of a general licence or after a DUT or BTS. The professional degrees allow you to enter the professional world at BAC+3 thanks to highly professionalized teaching, a tutored project and a long internship (at least 12 weeks).

      This diploma is obtained in two years. It allows you to enter the job market if you have followed a professional specialization which is mainly characterized by a long internship in a company, or to continue on to a doctorate if you have chosen a research specialization for which the internship takes place in a laboratory.

    • Courses given in English

      You can find below all the courses offered in English at the Faculty of Science and the level of English required to follow these courses:

    • DPI

      An International Partnership Diploma (IPD) covers different types of collaboration between Aix-Marseille University and one or more foreign institutions with a view to awarding a double or multiple degree(s), or a joint degree, or the relocation of an Aix-Marseille University course within a partner institution.

      At the end of their training, students obtain both the Aix-Marseille University degree and the degree(s) of the partner university(ies) (in the case of double, triple and multiple degrees).

      In the case of joint degrees, students obtain a single parchment bearing the seal of each partner institution and signed by the legal representative of each partner institution.

      In addition, Aix-Marseille University courses may be relocated to a partner institution located in a foreign country. Thetraining is identical to that provided by Aix-Marseille University and is developed in close collaboration with Aix-Marseille University concerning the implementation, organisation and monitoring of the training.

    • Rating system

      The ECTS system

      The courses are organized in semesters and teaching units (UE). Each teaching unit has a value defined in European credits (ECTS, European Credit Transfer System).

      The ECTS system guarantees the academic recognition of studies carried out abroad. As an exchange student at Aix-Marseille University, this system enables you to obtain credits during your stay in our universities and to have them validated on your return. Conversely, as an Aix-Marseille University student, if you go on exchange, you can have your credits obtained abroad validated.

      This recognition is ensured by :

      • The setting up, before departure, of a study programme approved bilaterally by the home and host institutions. This programme clearly indicates the ECTS credits that will be awarded to you after you have passed the tests (exams, evaluation, etc.).
      • The establishment of a transcript of records clearly showing the academic results obtained, transferable from one institution to another.
    • French courses

      SUFLE and the International Relations Department (DRI) offer French as a Foreign Language courses to students on international mobility at AMU: one intensive week before the start of the academic year, as well as evening courses throughout the year.

      You are a foreigner and French is not your mother tongue, you want to learn French or improve your knowledge of French, do not hesitate, come to the SUFLE of Aix-en-Provence.

      Our university service, the SUFLE, will welcome you for a month, a semester or a year, with its teachers, all specialists, ready to help you discover the wealth of the French language and culture.

  • How to register

    Aix-Marseille University (AMU) has a large network of partner universities throughout the world. Within this framework, we welcome foreign students on exchange programmes either for a semester or for an academic year. Students coming under the ERASMUS+, BCI, ISEP or bilateral cooperation programs are eligible for study mobility at AMU. The application and admission procedure for an exchange programme consists of several stages.

    • Step 1: Apply to your home university

      Before you can take part in an exchange programme at Aix-Marseille University, you must check with your home university that there is a cooperation agreement between your home university and AMU.

      You must then follow the application procedure of your university.

      At the end of your application, if you are accepted by your home university, you will be nominated by the international relations coordinator of your home university to our international mobility managers at AMU.

    • Step 2: Application after your appointment

      Once your home university has sent your nomination, you can proceed with your application.

      Once your nomination has been validated by AMU, a link will be sent to you by email to complete your application file online (on the MOVEON platform). You will have to upload the required documents.

      The required documents are :

      • A curriculum vitae in French or English
      • A letter of motivation in French or English
      • A copy of your identity card or passport
      • A language certificate
        • A French certificate TCF/DELF/DALF - level B1: if you wish to follow the courses in French.
        • An IELTS/TOEDL/TOEIC English certificate/teacher's certificate - level B2: if you wish to follow courses in English.
      • Your university transcripts of marks, in French or in English
      • A letter of recommendation
      • The study contract (the form will be sent to you at the end of your application).
    • Registration fees

      Exchange students remain registered at their home university during the exchange period and pay the registration fees at their home university. For the duration of their participation in the exchange programme, they will be registered at Aix-Marseille University but will be exempt from paying registration fees.

      This exemption does not apply to specific or complementary language courses taken in language training centres and in particular at the SUFLE (Service Universitaire de Français Langue Étrangère), except in special cases (ISEP, specific programmes with certain partners).

    The administrative registration (IA) is the moment when you pay your registration fees. This step is ESSENTIAL for :

    • Obtain your school certificate and your student card to allow you to access the following services and activities: university library, CROUS, Service Universitaire d'Insertion et d'Orientation (SUIO), activities related to student life, sports activities, preventive medicine.
    • Obtain your digital identifier to allow you to connect to the digital work environment (ENT) and access more than 30 services including: access to your grades, your timetable, your exam calendar, the online internship platform, the online course platform.
    • Then complete your Pedagogical Registration (IP) to take your exams.

    Step 1: Pre-registration

    You must complete the administrative registration process (Parcoursup, E-candidat, Études en France...) depending on the degree you wish to apply for:

    Step 2: Administrative registration or re-registration".

    The Pedagogical Commission will meet from mid-April 2021. The admission or refusal decision will be given to you by e-mail only.

    If you are admitted, you will have to confirm your application or withdraw on E-candidat. It is imperative to confirm or withdraw immediately after receiving the decision. If you fail to do so, you may be considered to have resigned and lose the benefit of your application.
    If you confirm your application, you will receive an e-mail with a link to complete your registration.

    You will have to proceed to your administrative registration by Internet (online payment).

    Administrative registration (IA) is compulsory, whether you are a future AMU student (bachelor, transfer arrival) or already at AMU (re-enrolment). It allows you to become a user of the university by paying tuition fees.

    Whether your AI is done remotely (Web AI) or face-to-face (at the school desk), you must:

    • Respect the mandatory registration periods starting in July 2021 (the exact dates will be available from June 1, 2021) and until the deadline indicated on the page above.
    • Pay the CVEC online in advance on the MesServices.Etudiant.gouv.frplatform
    • Make an appointment with your school (either at the end of your web IA, or by consulting the website of your faculty, school or institute and bring the required supporting documents).

    Remote registration via the web is compulsory for new registrations in DUT 1, Licence 1, PACES and PEIP 1 and for re-registrations in DUT 1 and 2, L1/L2/L3, PACES/DFG 2/DFG3/IFSI 2 and 3/Certificate of Speech Therapy, Orthoptics and Occupational Therapy, PEIP 1/PEIP 2/Engineering Diploma, Professional Licence/Master.

    If you are a Continuing Education student (job seeker, employee, RSA beneficiary, self-employed, returning to school or a student completing a sandwich course), please contact the Continuing Education Service of the UFR Sciences.

    Step 3: Educational Registration (ER)

    The pedagogical registration allows to be registered in the tutorial groups and to define the teaching choices which will be the subject of examinations.

    The beginning of the courses is planned for the week of September 01, 2021 (provisional date).

    Nota Bene: Administrative services will be closed from Friday evening 23 July 2021 to Monday morning 23 August 2021.

  • Applications for scholarships

    • Eiffel Scholarships

    The Eiffel scholarship programme, launched in January 1999 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is designed to support the international recruitment efforts of French higher education institutions, in a context of increased competition between developed countries to attract the elite of foreign students in Master's, Engineering or Doctoral studies.

    The Eiffel scholarships are for excellence at Master's and Doctorate levels.

    The eligible fields in Sciences are: Science and Technology, Biology and Health, Ecological transition, Mathematics and Numeracy and Engineering Sciences.     

    Foreign students who wish to apply for an Eiffel scholarship must not do so directly but through the French university in which they wish to enrol. The application is presented by the Master's degree supervisor or the thesis director. Doctoral candidates must be registered as co-directors or co-tutors.

    Please note that the candidate must apply for only one university.

    Duration of the scholarship

        Doctoral section: the Eiffel scholarship is awarded for a maximum of 12 months (fractionable).
        Master component: the Eiffel scholarship is awarded for a duration of :
            12 months maximum for a Master 2 registration
            24 months maximum for enrolment in Master 1
            36 months maximum for the preparation of an engineering degree

    Application procedure

    Master's programme: Applicants who are currently studying in France are not eligible.
    Doctoral program: Only candidates registered as co-directors or co-supervisors of a thesis are eligible.

    All eligibility conditions are indicated in the vademecum

    Deadline for returning applications to the DRI: Wednesday, December 1st, 2021.
    Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered.

    Candidates wishing to apply for the Eiffel scholarship should contact the administrative referents below by e-mail:

        Biology and Health:
        Ecological Transition:
        Mathematics and Numeracy:
        Engineering Sciences:


    • For all other scholarship applications, please contact the International Relations Department of your current university.

  • Prepare your arrival

    • LivinFrance

      Take advantage of practical advice to prepare your departure to France on the LivinFrance platform.

    • Applications for a VISA or temporary residence permit

      Depending on your country of origin and the program you will be taking at AMU, you may need to complete certain consular procedures.

    • Housing

      Various sites are available to help you in your research:

      For exchange students, if you wish to be housed in a university residence, you must inform the DRI manager of the campus on which you depend by specifying it on the online application form. Your request will be examined and you will be informed of the decision by e-mail in July for a 1st semester arrival, and in December for a 2nd semester arrival.

      1. Your application is accepted: you will receive an e-mail from the INTERLOG web application on which you will have to register, make an accommodation request and pay the deposit online for the reservation to be effective.
      2. If your application is refused: you will have to take the necessary steps to find accommodation in town.

      To benefit from personalized assistance in your search for housing, use the online housing platform of the university Studapart and access hundreds of exclusive offers: studios, shared flats, rooms in private homes or in student residences. From the rental file to the reservation of the accommodation, all the procedures are carried out on the platform.

      To start, click on "Renter's Area" and register with your login and password provided by the school or with your personal email.

      You don't have a guarantor living in France ? Studapart will act as your guarantor for the whole duration of your rental.

      Numerous possibilities of accommodation for international students on individual mobility as well as all the procedures for the acquisition of accommodation (signature of the lease, home insurance, housing aid from the CAF,...) are detailed in the following guide:

    • Insurance

      The French health care system, called Social Security, allows everyone to access quality health care at controlled prices and partially covered by the government. Affiliation to the Social Security is free and compulsory for all students (French or international) and must be done as soon as you arrive in France, once your administrative registration at the university is completed.

      Social Security will reimburse approximately 60% of your health costs. In order to be reimbursed for the remaining 40%, you can subscribe to a complementary health insurance, usually called "mutuelle". This is not compulsory but strongly recommended. Aix-Marseille University is a partner of the HEYME mutual insurance company. You can also subscribe to this insurance on the Welcome desk.

    • Cost of living in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence

      If you need to obtain a visa or residence permit to study at AMU, you must be able to prove that you have sufficient resources to support yourself in France. The amount officially required by the French authorities is 615 € per month. This amount will not be enough to cover all your expenses while you are in France, so we can help you anticipate future expenses.

    • Support for international students

      In order to facilitate their integration into AMU, international students can rely on several mechanisms that allow them to benefit from the support of local students and professors, or help with their administrative procedures:

      • Buddy-system

      The International Relations Department of Aix-Marseille University has set up the BuddySystem sponsorship programme developed by ESN. The principle is simple: to put an international student who has come to study at Aix-Marseille University in contact with a French student in order to facilitate his/her integration. The role of the sponsor will be to inform and guide his/her sponsored student and to help him/her make new friends! Through the BuddySystem, both the sponsor and the sponsored student are called BUDDYs!

      • Welcome desk

      Open for 4 weeks at the beginning of the academic year between the end of August and the end of September, the welcome desk is the place where international students arriving in France can complete or finalize their administrative procedures.
      A welcome desk is available on the sites of Aix-en-Provence, St Charles, St Jérôme and Luminy.

      In Aix-en-Provence, a municipal structure has been set up to welcome, inform and guide students in the areas of housing, employment, health, culture, tourism and leisure in Aix-en-Provence.

      • Whether before your arrival in France or once you are at AMU, the mobility manager on your campus should be your main contact. It is the mobility manager who will be able to inform you or direct you to the person or department that has the answer to your question.

      Whether your international mobility project is really taking shape or whether you are simply prospecting, we have selected a few interesting websites that will help you get information before you leave or once you get there:

  • Life at the University

    • The different campuses

      The Faculty of Sciences has nearly 9,300 students. It is thus one of the largest science faculties in France.

      It is located on 6 sites:

      • in Aix-en-Provence on the Montperrin site
      • in Marseille :
        • Saint-Jérôme
        • Château-Gombert
        • Saint-Charles
        • Luminy
      • in Aubagne
    • Sport

      Thanks to the SPORT Pack and the SPORT + Pack, students and AMU staff can choose from more than 80 sports activities available throughout Aix-Marseille University.
      Visit the SUAPS website to find out about all the sports available to you:

      The cities of Aix and Marseille also organize many sports events. Find them on the websites :

      The new sports event of the year at Aix-Marseille University: BOUGE AMU 2021! Monthly sports challenges throughout the year 2021 in collaboration with the University Service of Physical and Sports Activities (SUAPS) to keep fit and regularly active.

    • Culture

      A privileged place for creation, meeting, diversity, sharing and dissemination, the arts and culture are at the heart of the University...

      Aix-Marseille University is a partner of the main cultural structures in the region, live performances (music, dance, theatre) and museums... you will have access to the richness of the cultural offer of the region with your AMU student card with an additional reduction on the YOUTH rate.

      To find out more about your destination, go to the tourist office in Marseille or Aix-en-Provence to collect free brochures on cultural, festive and tourist activities.

      See also :

    • Student Life

      Many student associations, mainly grouped by faculty, offer their services to students. Find all the associations present at the university here :

    • Events for international students

      • The Festival of Europe invites itself once again to AMU! Throughout the month of May (known as Europe month), many events are organised in the southern region to allow the public to discover and appreciate different countries, their culture and their diversity. This year, Aix-Marseille University is joining forces with the City of Aix on the occasion of this festival which recalls the Schuman Declaration which initiated Europe as we know it today.

      And many more!

      Keep an eye on the agenda to find out everything!

  • Research Stays