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Excellence : a key word for our Faculty

An exceptional research potential

The research potential of our Faculty can easily be gauged from its 35 internationally-renowned research structures, jointly affiliated to Aix Marseille University and the French national research bodies (e.g. CNRS, INSERM, CEA), and from the exceptional mass of scientists that work there.
Over 1,000 researchers, engineers, technicians and administrators, 800 faculty members and nearly 1000 PhD students within 6 doctoral schools daily commit themselves to the excellence of our institution.
The quality of the research conducted in the laboratories affiliated to our Faculty has led to an outstandingly positive evaluation by national assessment agencies  (AERES *) and is constantly acknowledged  by the large number of successful applications to highly-competitive granting schemes, from national funding agencies (ANR – Investments for the future - EQUIPEX, LABEX, industrial pilot scale demonstration, CARNOT Institute) or international programs (e.g. ERC, HFSP, EC).
Most of the research work performed in the laboratories focuses on fundamental and pioneering aspects of scientific research and is regularly published  in leading international journals, including the most prestigious ones, such as Nature, Science, or Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

Excellence in research guarantees both high-quality teaching and commitment to socio-economical development

The quality of the research work guarantees high-quality training and education. Beside our PhD and MSc students, for whom research is part and parcel of their training, many undergraduates also get laboratory experience through dedicated internships.
The broad range of scientific disciplines hosted by our faculty and their cross-fertilization is an essential asset for the implementation of interdisciplinary research programs, particularly in nanoscience, photonics, neuroscience and imaging – and cross-cutting projects which reach well beyond the domain of science into health, arts, languages and humanities, to name but a few.
The quest for knowledge has not prevented the involvement of our laboratories into real-life issues, liaising with socio-economic partners through more applied research or experimental development. Our Faculty is involved in nearly all the local Competitiveness Clusters
Many of our laboratories and researchers have participated in the creation of start-ups in various domains. In most disciplines, companies participate in the funding of PhD grants, thereby facilitating the professional integration of our doctors.


* AERES : Research and Higher Education Evaluation Agency : a French national evaluation agency