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Become a scientist at the Faculty of Science

MSc students

A master's degree is a two-year degree, with lab training during the second year. Applicants can find practical information in the list of master's degree programs offered by our Faculty.

PhD students or Postdoctoral researchers

The PhD programs last three years, although in practice, most students take 3.5-4 years to complete. Various PhD fellowships are available, from multiple sources.
-Fellowships offered by the French Ministry of Research and Higher Education. Such fellowships can be applied for at the level of the doctoral schools. It is a very competitive process, and the applicants are selected by a committee at the end of the master's degree program. External candidates can also apply.
-Fellowships supported by grants. Many research groups can have PhD fellowships supported by a grant (ANR, European grants, etc). Candidates can directly contact researchers from one of our laboratories in the related field for information about the availability of such fellowships.
-PhD candidates who happen to come with support from their own government are welcome, and can directly contact our laboratories in the related field.
All candidates interested in doing a postdoctoral training should contact directly the laboratories they are interested in, for potential fellowships.

Tenure positions

Scientists with a tenure position in any French research laboratory are government employees -- with few exceptions -- with full job security. There are either research-only positions (at a research organization such as CNRS or INSERM), or faculty positions at the university for both research and teaching, either at the level of lecturer/assistant professor (Maître de Conférence, or MCF) or professor. Research-only positions can be applied for at either the level of Chargé de Recherche, equivalent to MCF, or of Directeur de Recherche, equivalent to a professorship.  All such jobs can be applied for only through a competitive exam (concours).
Research-only positions : the “concours” are organized by each research organization annually. For the CNRS, please go the website here for more details: http://www.dgdr.cnrs.fr/drhchercheurs/concoursch/default-en.htm.
-For INSERM, please find information here: https://www.eva2.inserm.fr/EVA/jsp/Concours/index_en.jsp.
-For Faculty positions (enseignants-chercheurs), most positions are published on the website of the university, updated annually (http://drh.univ-amu.fr/public_content/session-synchronisee-2013).
-Positions are also available for high-level candidates through the A*MIDEX program. Please refer here for more information: http://amidex.univ-amu.fr/en. The Rising Star program is designed to attract young researchers from all over the world to the Aix-Marseille research laboratories. Senior researchers may also get support through this program (chair positions).

Whatever the kind of position you might be interested in, we advise you to contact one of our laboratories in your field, in order to get advice and support. Please see the list of our research labs.