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LIA - Internationally Associated Laboratories

The AM*IDEX foundation, through its call in 2013 for international research partnerships has awarded funding to three projects for internationally associated laboratories emerging from the Faculty of Sciences
  • Associated Laboratory for Photonics between France and Australia,
    Project coordinator : Stefan Enoch, CNRS Research Director, Institut Fresnel (UMR 7249), in partnership with the University of Sydney, Australia,(via CUDOS, center of excellence in Australia for optics and photonics)
  • Plasmonic metamaterials for ultrasensitive label-free biosensing
    Project coordinator :  Andréi Kabashin, CNRS Research Director at LP3 - Lasers, Plasmas and photonic processes (LP3, UMR 7341), in partnership with the University de Manchester, UK
  • Systems Biology of Tissue Mechanics
    Project coordinatorThomas Lecuit, CNRS Research Director at IBDM - Institute for Developmental Biology at Marseille (IBDM, UMR 7288), in partnership with the National center for Biological Sciences, India