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Marseille - SIte Saint Charles

The St Charles campus, at the heart of the proximity...

St Charles in figures :

  • 4,129 students in the classroom + 1,430 students in distance learning + 269 OSU students + 252 ALLSH students, i.e. 6,080 students in total
  • 243 Administrative and technical staff (to which must be added the OSU staff and the ALLSH staff)
  • 1027 teachers, teacher-researchers and researchers

And also: Gymnasium for sports and leisure activities, living space: 2 University residences, studios and rooms, university restaurant, cafeteria, staff lounge, 2 "small" rest rooms for students, disability unit, several student associations, University Library...

The Science Department is located on the St Charles site.

For technical reasons, the student car park and the path to the gymnasium via this car park are no longer accessible.
The following map will show you the way to the CROUS or to the gymnasium.

Coming to Saint Charles

Faculty of Sciences Site St Charles
Aix Marseille University

3 place Victor Hugo
13331 Marseille cedex 3
Tel: +33 (0)4 13 55 13 13


43.304537965156, 5.3786660319574

Services for students

  • Missions of the school service

    • Pre-registration
    • Administrative registration (IA)
    • Pedagogical Registration (IP)
    • Timetable
    • Internships
    • Exams
    • Information on the content of the courses
    • Transfer of files
    • Withdrawal of diplomas
  • Organization

    The Schooling Service is organized into offices:

    • Office of Licences subdivided into 2 poles:

      • Pole A "Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science and Humanity".
      • Pole B "Life Sciences (SV) & Life and Earth Sciences (SVT)
    • Office of Professional Licences & Masters
    • Centre de Téléenseignement Sciences (CTES)
  • Address and location of the service

    Place Victor Hugo, CS 80249, 13331 Marseille Cedex 3

    The service is located in Building 5 - 1st floor - Blocks A and B

    To write to us, please specify in the postal address the appropriate mailbox:

    • Box P: Bureau des Licences
    • Box 9: Office of Professional Licences and Masters
    • Box 35: CTES
  • Opening hours

    • Monday, Wednesday and Thursday: 8.45am-4pm
    • Tuesday: 8.45am-1pm (closed in the afternoon)
    • Friday: 8.45am-12pm / 1pm-4pm
  • School Contacts

  • University Library

    Collections, adapted services, wide opening hours, friendly work spaces, quality reception and training in documentary research: you have everything you need to succeed in the BU Sciences!

    You can also take advantage of the library shuttle service: book online, pick up your reservation, borrow or pick up your books in the BU of your choice.

  • SUIO

    Located in Aix and Marseille, with 8 reception areas, the SUIO (Service Universitaire d'Insertion et d'Orientation) assists students, high school students and young graduates in their orientation, reorientation and professional integration process.

    • SUIO of Aix-en-Provence
      04 13 94 22 50
    • SUIO of Marseille l'Étoile
      04 91 28 81 18
    • SUIO of Marseille Luminy
      04 13 94 19 26
    • SUIO of Marseille Centre
      04 13 55 00 89

    If you want to learn how to organise your search for an internship and/or a job and develop the necessary tools (CV, cover letter), then sign up for the workshops offered by the SUIO.


    The CROUS, Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires aims to give students the means to succeed by improving their living and working conditions.

    WARNING: when a student with a grant is declared non-attendance at the CROUS, his/her grant is immediately suspended and the CROUS can demand the reimbursement of the monthly payments already made: see conditions for assessing attendance at the Sciences Department.

  • International Relations

    The International Relations Department implements the institution's international cooperation. It is responsible for managing the mobility of its students, faculty and staff.

    International relations are managed at the central level by a department located on the Aix-en-Provence campus. For greater efficiency, the department has reception centres for students and teacher-researchers on the various university sites, and delegates (teachers, administrators) in the various departments.

  • Distance learning centre

    The CTES is in charge of organizing distance learning in Science and Technology.

  • Language Services

  • Continuing Education

Champ 1

Computer Science and Interactions

Champ 1


Champ 1


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Services for staff