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Our study program

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The UFR Sciences offers a wide range of courses, from bachelor's degrees to doctorates, including professional bachelor's degrees and master's degrees with research and/or professional specialties.

These courses enable our students to enter the professional world with a wide variety of jobs, both in terms of their level of qualification, from technician to doctor, and in terms of the fields of application. All scientific fields are taught.

The integration of students is monitored by the Observatory of Student Life of the institution. This follow-up allows for the continuous improvement of the training courses.

Our courses

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Core Curriculum First years

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Undergraduate Degrees

Licences and professional degrees
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Master's Degrees

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PhD programmes

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DU (University Diploma)

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Distance learning - CTES

Distance learning
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Further education and work experience

Continuing education and work experience
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Excellence & Multidisciplinary training

Excellent and multidisciplinary training
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Teacher training

Training for teaching jobs

Understand the teaching methods

Our departments

The Faculty of Sciences is multidisciplinary and develops its activity around 8 departments hosting different training courses according to the disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, mathematics, mechanics, arts and techniques of image and sound, multidisciplinary.