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Pedagogical and Digital Transformation (TPN)

The national and international context has offered many opportunities in recent years for the development of diversified pedagogy in higher education (problem/project-based learning, flipped classes, etc.). Digital technology comes naturally with these specific pedagogical approaches. The experience of several colleagues over the last few years shows that digital activities can also be offered in the context of more traditional teaching, to enhance the effectiveness of student learning of our disciplines.

This page presents the various activities developed within the UFR Sciences of the University of Aix-Marseille to promote and support the activities implemented by colleagues in the framework of the pedagogical and digital transformation of teaching.

Workshops and resources

The Faculty of Science is involved in many projects that plan to insert digital content into the teaching using the AMETICE platform. Many resources already exist and are shared via theUnisciel digital university which is now an inter-university service. The appropriation by each one of the existing resources, questions and activities requires a will to create its own activities.

In order to help you in this non-trivial task, we organize 3 types of workshops:

Training Workshop

Where you will be accompanied to use moodle/ametice and scenari-chain (Unisciel editorial software). A preliminary training to ametice is necessary, either in self-training with the course AMeTICE : Prise en main, or by contacting the CIPE to follow a training (contact : Duration 4h, to be done only once! (Or two, if you have not put it into practice immediately...)

Production workshop

The more the merrier! Don't stay alone in your corner or you'll never make it ... whatever your discipline, plan one or more half-days where everyone prepares their own activities in a relaxed atmosphere and where everyone helps each other when faced with a problem!

Proofreading Workshops

It is up to each creator to find a colleague to proofread the work, but when you work as a teaching team it is more fun and worth taking half a day where each person proofreads the work of another. Fabien Borget (chemistry) or Jean-Marc Virey (other disciplines) will then offer to be with you to provide advice and information on the editorial charter.

To set up a proofreading workshop, please contact or

Designing digital resources or activities is time consuming, so we should try to pool our efforts as much as possible! If you are alone, your motivation must be (very) high... Ideally, it should be the "extended" teaching team in the sense of "face-to-face + distance learning" that is concerned, because digital resources and activities are designed mainly to make students work at home and are therefore useful to everyone! The more you share the work the less energy you spend on it and the more students will benefit.

Upcoming mini-conferences

July 2021: virtual reality in higher education in Science in preparation

If you think it is important to invite a personality from outside the university, tell your favourite project manager!
If you have other topics to propose that concern pedagogy and/or digital tools, all suggestions are more than welcome. The current idea is to propose each semester a mini colloquium, on a half-day, specific to the faculty of sciences but open to all.

Project managers

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Chargé de mission