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Parcours CMB


CMB (Computational and Mathematical Biology) is a highly selective international Master of science dedicated to the analysis and the modelling of complex biological systems, created as a part of the graduate school of the Turing Center of living systems.

This Master is shared by the departments of computer science, mathematics and biology, and aims at gathering students with a high potential coming from different backgrounds and at benefiting from the interdisciplinary synergies between training experts in that scientific area on the rise.

  • In the computer science-focused study path, the main courses are dedicated to theoretical aspects of the discipline, in order for students to master advanced and essential concepts for the modelling of natural phenomena (models of computation, complexity, dynamical systems). Other courses allow in parallel to develop skills in mathematics and biology.
  • In the mathematics-focused study path, the main courses are dedicated to the main mathematical tools for modeling (deterministic or stochastics models, dynamical systems) or the statistical tools for interpreting biological data (statistical test, parametric estimation). Other courses allow in parallel to develop skills in computing and biology.
  • Courses of the biology-focused study path are dedicated to the analysis of interaction networks involved in different types of biological processes (embryonic developmental, nervous system, immune response) in order to understand the relationship between network structure and the behaviour of complex biological systems.

CMB offers a program by and for scientific research, with many opportunities for pursuing studies towards a PhD or obtaining a job in numerous companies having a research department.

Practical Informations

Welcome information meeting on Monday september, 9 at 10h, followed by a cocktail and a seminar. Courses will start on Tuesday september, 10 at 10h.

Links with Research

This Master of science relies on the activities and skills of the laboratories that compose the Turing center of living systems

Recommended Prerequisites

As this Master is a highly selective research-focused study path, a BSc in either mathematics, statistics, computer science and biology obtained with Honors is required. A good command of English is compulsory as courses are taught in English.