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Licence Mécanique, Parcours : Mécanique

Après une première année dans le portail scientifique René Descartes, les deux dernières années de la licence de Mécanique proposent une formation orientée principalement vers la modélisation, la simulation numérique et l’expérimentation en mécanique.


  • AIMS

    After a first year in the René Descartes scientific portal, the last two years of the Mechanics license offer training mainly oriented towards modelling, numerical simulation and experimentation in mechanics. It emphasizes the fundamental achievements in mechanics, mathematics, computer science, physics, necessary to ensure the multidisciplinarity that characterizes mechanics, the science of movement.

    As a generalist scientific license allowing a broad specialization in the major fields of fluid mechanics and solid mechanics, this training also includes multidisciplinary teaching units each semester which lead students to develop their essential cross-functional knowledge and skills. in mechanics and to have autonomy and adaptability.


    Model a simple mechanical system in its environment and predict its evolution by mastering knowledge and fundamental methods in mechanics, applied mathematics, computer science and physics.
    Formulate a problem of reasonable complexity in the fields of systems mechanics, continuums and energetics then develop a theoretical, numerical and/or experimental study strategy.
    Communicate easily in writing and orally, in French and in scientific English, through critical and relevant argumentation, taking into account the target audience and mastering the different registers of expression.
    Work independently and promote personal positioning by developing, leading or participating in individual or team projects.
    Identify the problems of the professional world relating to mechanics.
    Build a training course, develop a professional project and consider its implementation within a professional organization, situate its role and mission, in compliance with the principles of ethics, professional conduct and environmental responsibility.



Responsables du parcours