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Licence Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre, Parcours : Homme et environnement

Ce parcours prépare des techniciens dans les domaines liés au développement durable, conservation–gestion de la biodiversité et aménagement intégré des territoires. Il permet une poursuite d’étude en master et notamment, parmi ceux proposés par AMU : Biodiversité, écologie et évolution – Gestion de l’environnement – Géographie, aménagement, environnement et développement – Urbanisme et aménagement – Gestion des territoires et développement local.


  • AIMS

    After a first year in the Louis Pasteur scientific portal, the last two years of the Life and Earth Sciences degree course Man and the Environment (SVT H&E) combine an interdisciplinary approach to life and earth sciences and human and social sciences in order to understand human-environment interactions and respond to major socio-ecological issues.

    The life and earth sciences provide knowledge in terms of biological, ecological and geological processes, risks and vulnerability. The human and social sciences enable the study of the impact of this knowledge on public action in terms of planning, sustainable urbanism and local development.

    This course prepares technicians in fields related to sustainable development, conservation-management of biodiversity and integrated territorial planning. It allows students to continue their studies in a Master's degree, in particular, among those offered by AMU: Biodiversity, ecology and evolution - Environmental management - Geography, planning, environment and development - Urban planning and development - Territorial management and local development.


    The Man and the Environment course is open to all L1 students (who have acquired the 60 ECTS) from the Louis Pasteur portal of AMU. For students from other universities, from other L1s or from BTS or DUT type courses, an examination of the skills acquired will be carried out on the basis of the application file.


    It is recommended that students coming from other courses have a basic knowledge of biology - e.g. organismal biology, ecology - as a prerequisite.


    The teaching team, made up of teacher-researchers from the Population-Environment-Development Laboratory (a multidisciplinary laboratory), the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory and the European Centre for Research and Teaching in Environmental Geosciences, will favour an interdisciplinary vision while providing a solid base of knowledge in ecology applied to territories in transformation


    At the end of the course, students will be able to

    Apply theoretical knowledge in life and earth sciences and in human and social sciences and the appropriate tools to respond to interdisciplinary problems in the context of environmental issues
    Know how to describe and break down an ecosystem and understand its functionalities and the forcing processes at work
    Promote an interdisciplinary approach to the complex interactions between nature and society
    Evaluate the environmental risks linked to human activities
    Know how to locate and identify the networks of institutional and non-institutional actors in the environmental field and their respective competences
    Know how to recognize the main species of Mediterranean and urbanized ecosystems
    Know the different types of indicators in order to diagnose the state of a terrestrial and aquatic continental ecosystem


    The lectures are illustrated by applications in situations during the numerous tutorials, practical work and field trips (78 hours). The acquisition of skills is assessed through continuous assessments, mid-term exams, reports on practical work or field trips, but also oral presentations. The evaluation of skills is carried out throughout the course through an e-portfolio which is evaluated and validated at the end of the third year.


    The L2 and L3 Human and Environmental Sciences degree courses are taught solely at the Saint-Charles site in Marseille.



    • 113G Sciences (biologie-géologie) de l'environnement, des écosystèmes (fr)
    • 213R Surveillance et protection de la forêt, de la faune sauvage et des espaces naturels (fr)
    • 341M Aménagement du territoire, urbanisme (fr)

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    The Man and the Environment course is open to all students from the Louis Pasteur portal of Aix-Marseille University. For candidates from BTS, IUT or different L1 or from other universities, applications and registrations are made through the Aix-Marseille University eCandidat application.


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