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Inter-University Diploma in Clinical Posturology

The Inter-University Diploma of Clinical Posturology is organized in four seminars over three and a half days of teaching. Each of the Universities co-authorized to deliver the DIU organizes one of these seminars on its site. The courses offered on each of the university sites correspond globally to the specific research and teaching, and/or practitioner activities, of the staff of the organizing universities, as well as to the biomedical and technological environment of these sites. They are divided into theoretical courses and practical training (workshops), to which is added the writing of a short thesis.

  • Objectives

    The objectives are to provide students, practitioners and professionals with a modern synthesis of concepts, models, tools and methods of investigation in the general thematic field of posture and movement in humans. It will thus be a question of acquiring and/or deepening knowledge, both theoretical and practical, concerning human posture and kinetic activities (posture, movement, locomotion, balance), their natural (aging) or pathological dysfunctions, the instrumental tests that allow them to be quantified and, finally, the rehabilitation methods that can correct them. The DIU is thus intended to bring fundamental and practical knowledge but does not constitute in any case a diploma of exercise and does not validate a clinical practice.

  • Public concerned

    In Initial Training:

    • Postgraduate students in health studies (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy);
    • Students enrolled in a university thesis in the field of life sciences.

    In Continuing Education:

    • Holders of a state doctorate (Medicine, Pharmacy, Odontology) or University doctorate (Life Sciences);
    • State graduates in paramedical practice (health professionals) in practice in their specialty.
  • Organization

    Duration : 1 year

    4 seminars of 3.5 days (one per site)

  • Heads of teaching

    • Pr Dominic PERENNOU

      University of Grenoble - Faculty of Medicine

      Tel : 04 76 76 60 83