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CVEC (Student Life and Campus Contribution)

  • If you are covered by the continuing education scheme (the training costs are paid by an employer or by a collecting body or you benefit from specific arrangements for your training) - You are not liable for this contribution
  • If you are under the Unfunded study resumption scheme (the training costs are not paid by a third party and you do not have specific arrangements for your training) - You must pay the CVEC of 92 € (year 2020/2021). It must be paid directly to the Crous :

Download your certificate of payment or exemption from the CVEC from the CVEC platform. You will be asked to pay it when you register for your course with the continuing education department.

Administrative Registrations (IA)

Students who cannot register via the E-candidat application (1st year bachelor's degrees, doctoral students, VAP, VAE) must contact the continuing education department of the site concerned by the course.

Whatever your registration system (resumption of studies or continuing education), you can proceed with your registration through IAWEB after approval of your application and confirmation of your desire to register on the E-Candidat application.

Your registration via IAWEB will be put on hold for payment. The hold allows trainees to access their ENT and to justify to the Continuing Education Department the documents validating its regime.

When the registration system is validated administratively, the registration is finalized by the continuing education department.

Trainees registered in continuing education must in all cases contact the continuing education department of the site concerned.