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You are in Master1, Master2, certified teacher or Doctor in Sciences; you wish to become Agrégé Professor?

The Faculty of Sciences prepares you for the following Agregations in Physics and Chemistry:

by a unique training, given at the Master 2 level. The various written and oral exams of the competitions are worked on by means of:

  • Lecturesand tutorials, offering a refresher course in Physics and Chemistry, and providing essential supplements for the competition.
  • Physics and Chemistry manipulative sessions that allow the students to appropriate the concepts covered in the lectures and tutorials and that cover the programs of the different competitions.
  • Lesson sessions that allow you to synthesize the concepts covered and that are based on the oral exams of the competitions.

The official curriculum for the Agrégation exams is published each year in the B.O. of the French Ministry of Education. It covers the teaching of the first cycles of university and preparatory classes for the grandes écoles, physics and chemistry.

  • Registration for the preparation

    • Holders of a Master 1 can register for the M2 preparation for the Physics-Chemistry external competitive examination, option Physics , via thee-candidat application.
    • Holders of a Master 2 can register for the preparation of the Physics-Chemistry option of the external competitive examination by filling in the form (see below) and sending it, with the documents to be provided, by email to
    • Teachers with a Master's degree (or equivalent) who can justify five years of public service experience can register for the preparation of the Internal Physics-Chemistry competitive examination by filling in the form (see below) and sending it, with the required documents, by email to
    • Holders of a doctorate can register for the preparation of the External Physics-Chemistry competitive examination, Physics option and special doctorate, by filling in the form (see below) and by sending it, with the documents to be provided, by email to

    Successful candidates will be notified before the end of the first half of July, and will be able to register immediately with the Aix-Marseille University's schooling service for initial or continuing training.

    The pre-entry meeting is set for Wednesday 2 September 2020. Lessons will start on Thursday 3 September 2020 at 9am.

    Registration for the agrégation exam itself is essential and independent of registration at the University. It must be done in October on the Ministry's website.

  • Preparation for the Internal Aggregation of Physics and Chemistry

    The objective of this training is to offer trainees a refresher course in experimental physics and chemistry, an opening towards the world of research in the context of a preparation for the oral examination. The sessions will allow them to acquire experimental know-how and a relevant expertise of the experiments necessary to succeed in the competition.

    The main lines of work are :

    • A deepening of the disciplinary knowledge around experiments in physics and chemistry
    • A reminder of the theoretical notions contained in the proposed experiments
    • The manipulation of experiments
    • A reflection on the structure of the presentations of the assemblies of the list proposed by the jury
    • A reflection on the content and form of the presentation test.

    Potential candidates are invited to contact Christophe Almarcha, who is in charge of the preparation for the external agrégation in physics:

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Service de Physique Expérimentale

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