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  • Shooting and light


    Two video sets



    2 x Fresnel 2KW

    4 x Fresnel 1KW

    10 x Fresnel 500W

    5 x Blonde 2KW

    11 x Tangerine 800W


    2 x 2.5KW CinePar (Complete: Ballast, lamp mounting, lenses, shutters)

    6 x 575W Fresnel

    1 x JokerBug 400W (Complete box: ballast, lamp mount, lenses, shutters)

    1 x JokerBug 200W (Complete case: Ballast, lamp mount, lenses, shutters)


    3 x Kobolt 8 tubes 120cm (Tube sets 5600K / 3200K)

    2 x Kobolt 8 tubes 60cm (Sets of Tubes 5600K / 3200K)

    1 x Kino-Flo 2 tubes 60cm (Tube sets 5600K / 3200K)

    "Led "Minettes

    3 x Dedolight

    1 x Bebob

    Diffusing structures / reflectors

    2 x Chimera Video Pro XS

    1 x Chimera Video Pro XXS

    1 x Chimera XS Chinese Ball

    3 x Poly Doors

    2 x Reflector Structures on lyre

    1 x "Mamma" Kit

    3 x Lastolite 1m Reflectors White/Silver


    HD/SD Video Cameras - DSLR

    1 x Canon C100

    5 x Canon XF100

    2 x JVC HM 700

    5 x JVC HM 750

    1 x JVC HM 790

    1 x Canon 5Dmk2

    1 x Canon 60D

    JVC Multi-camera HD video mixer

    1 x JVC KM-H3000 Mixer

    1 x AJA Ki Pro Recorder

    1 x Marshall Multi Format LCD Monitor DT-V24G1

    1 x JVC HM 790 accessorized camera set, controlled by 1x JVC RM-HP790 RCU, with 1x JVC RM-LP25 full control channel

    5 x JVC HM-700/750 camera complete

    6 x Canon 4.4x62mm T1.6 Zoom

    3 x Miller Compass 25 stands

    3 x Miller Compass 20 stands

    6 x Marshall VLCD 70XP monitors

    Aaton XTR Super 16mm Camera

    1 x Aaton XTR Super 16mm Camera Body

    1 x Long Magnifier for XTR

    1 x Zeiss Fixed Lens Series

    Zeiss 9,5mm T1.3 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Zeiss 12mm T1.3 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Zeiss 16mm T1.3 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Zeiss 25mm T1.3 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Zeiss 32mm T2.1 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Zeiss 50mm T2.1 + Arri B to Aaton adapter

    Aaton A-Minima Super 16mm Camera

    1 x Aaton A-Minima Super 16mm Camera Body

    1 x Cooke 10.4-52mm 2.8 Zoom Lens

    Canon EF Lenses (5D - 60D)

    L-Series 5D

    1 x Canon 24-105 4L

    1 x Canon 14mm 2.8L

    1 x Canon 24mm 1.4L

    1 x Canon 35mm 1.4L

    1 x Canon 50mm 1.2L

    1 x Canon 85mm 1.2L

    1 x Canon 135mm 2L

    1 x Canon 200mm 2.8L

    Zoom EFS 60D

    1 x Canon 17-55 2.8 EFS

    Monitors / electronic viewfinder

    5 x Marshall V LCD 70XP

    1 x Marshall M LCD7 HDMI B CE6

    1 x Marshall Orchid 841-HDSDI

    1 x Cineroid EVF-4Le electronic viewfinder

    Camera stands

    1 x Sachtler 9/9+

    1 x Sachtler Video 18

    2 x Sachtler Video 14

    3 x Miller Compass 25

    5 x Miller Compass 20

    1 x Vinten 100 (large and small branches, flat base)

    3 x Vinten Pro5

    Measuring devices

    1 x ThermoColorimeter | Sekonic C500

    2 x Combi Cell | Sekonic L758 Ciné Master (Incident/Spotmeter)

    2 x Incident Cell | Sekonic L358

    1 x Sekonic L308S incident sensor

    1 x Incident Cell | Minolta Flash Meter IV

    1 x Spotmeter | Pentax Spotmeter V

  • Editing and post-production


    10 editing stations linked by a HighPoint Technologies video server, RAID 5, 48TB

    Editing stations

    4 Mac Pro 2011

    Processor 2x2,4 Ghz Quad Core Intel Xeon

    RAM 16 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3

    Storage capacity: 2TB

    6 Mac Pro 2013

    3.7 Ghz Quad Core with 10MB M3 cache

    AMD FirePro D300 graphics processor

    RAM 16 GB ECC DDR3 1866 Mhz

    Storage capacity: 1TB

    In each station :

    2 speakers

    1 Mac Full HD 24-inch display

    1 4K monitor

    Editing software: Avid Media Composer 8 / Da Vinci Resolve Studio 16 / Premiere Creative Cloud 2020

    Graphics and special effects software: Adobe Creative Cloud 2020: Photoshop and After Effects / Da Vinci Resolve Studio 16

    Calibration software: Da Vinci Resolve Studio 16

    DCP projection: Easy DCP Player

    Additional equipment

    1 control surface for calibration: Tangent Devices Element BT, KB, MF, TK

    1 CG 318 Color Edge 4K calibration monitor

    LTO 6 Quantum Scalar i40 archive library

    Blackmagic Ultra Studio 4k graphics card

    2 Bluray players/writers

  • Music and sound

    Music room


    Music room with 4 workstations.

    For each station

    iMac 27 - Core i7 quad-core at 3.4 Ghz

    16 GB Ram

    M-Audio Keystation 88es

    MOTU Ultralight Mk3 Hybrid

    2 x ADAM A7X

    Beyer DT 770

    DAW software, virtual instruments and effects

    Logic Studio 9 (Logic Pro 9, samples and loops)

    Avid Pro Tools 11

    EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold and Symphonic Choirs

    Goliath, Stormdrum 2, Silk, Ra, Gypsy

    Native Instrument, Wave Bundle, Suite Komplete 9, Kontakt 5, Reaktor, Absynth, FM8, Massive, Solide Mix series, Transient Master, Nattery, Abbey Road Drummer, Guitar Rig 5 Pro, The Giant, Session strings...

    Additional equipment

    Soundcraft EFXII mixing console

    Zaxcom Nomad 10 light digital recorder

    Microphones including Oktava, DPA, Shure

    Music mixing


    15 m2 isolated booth with video link.

    25 m2 control room + 25 m2 open space

    Computer configuration

    Mac Pro dual core Xeon 2,66 OSX 10.6.8

    PHILIPS Led Screen HD 107 cm

    RME Raydat HDSPe sound card

    AVID Protools 10.2.0


    ALESIS HD24 Digital recorder 24 tracks.

    Studer A807 Master tape recorder ¼ inch.


    Adam S3X-H on ZAOR stands

    Adam A7X

    Samsung Screen/TV led 80 cm video return cab.


    Audient ASP 8024. Analog console 24 channels In Line, 12 aux, mix bus compressor, integrated patch.

    Audient Dual layer Control. Control surface / Integrated digital console


    Empirical Labs Fatso Compressor / Stereo Simulator

    Lexicon PCM96 Effects Processor / Reverb

    Eventide Eclipse Effects Processor / Harmonizer

    Enertec Schlumberger Dual broadcast mic preamp I/O on transformer.

    Benchmark ADC1 192K/24bit A/D Converter

    Benchmark DAC1 192K/24bit D/A Converter

    DBX 166XS Stereo Compressor

    Presonus ACP 88 8 Channel Gate Compressor

    Samson C.QUE8 and Presonus HP4 Headphone Amps

    Technics MASH CD player

    Rami 4 channel line balancer.

    Headphones and accessories

    2 x Sennheiser HD25

    1 x Beyer DT 770

    Microphone park

    Electrostatic microphones

    4 x AKG C535 + clamps

    2 x AKG C414 + suspensions + anti-pop

    1 x Audio Technica ATM 33

    2 x Neumann KM184 + clamps + foam

    1 x Neumann U87

    1 x NeumannTLM 103 + suspension

    2 x Royer RE122 Ribbon + clamps

    1 x Kit Oktava couple MK012

    1 x Shure Beta 91A


    3 x Sennheiser MD421

    2 x Shure SM 57

  • Sound and filming

    Sound recording for filming

    Sound Recording Units

    5 x Nagra ARES BB+ cases

    1 x Nagra ARES BB+ recorder with case & charger

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 SP headset

    1 x Couple Oktava cardio/omni/hyper capsules

    2 x Shure A53M suspension

    5 x MIXY cases

    1 x AETA Mixy with cover & charger

    1 x Shoeps CMC6 microphone + MK41 hypercardio capsule

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 Headset

    Microphone Kits

    2 x Neumann KMR81 + Rycote case

    1 x Sennheiser 416T + Rycote case

    1 x Oktava couple case

    5 x Sanken Cos 11 HF microphone case + Sennheiser G3 100 P

    Recorders & Mixers

    1 x Aaton Cantar-X case

    1 x Aaton Cantar-X

    1 x Cantarem + D-sub/Lemo cable FGG.2B

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 SP Headphones


    3 x ZOOM H4 cases

    1 x ARCHOS case

    1 x SONY Minidisc + charger


    4 x Sound Device 302 Mixer + Portabrace + Camera Link

    1 x Mixette M3I 4v2s

    1 x Mixette EAA 4v2s

    1 x Mixette Audiodevelopment mono

    Sound library equipment

    AB MSTC Stereo Case

    1 x Couple Shoeps AB MSTC ORTF cardioid

    1 x Nagra LB recorder with case & charger

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 headset

    1 x CINELA OSX suspension

    2 x Shoeps W20 windscreens

    MS Stereo Case

    1 x Shoeps MS cardioid + bidirectional pair

    1 x Nagra LB recorder with case & charger

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 headset

    1 x Rycote MS headset

    Double MS case

    1 x Double MS Shoeps

    1 x Nagra VI recorder with case

    1 x Sennheiser HD-25 Headset

    1 x Rycote 2MS Goggle + Gun + Hair + Jersey

  • Sound and post-production

    Sound editing

    Sound editing rooms

    4 sound booths

    For each station

    Mac Pro

    Protools 8 LE Mbox

    Presonus Faderport control surface

    Digidesign plug-ins

    Listening 2 x Adam A7

    Sound mixing

    Audiovisual mixing rooms

    2 editing/mixing rooms

    Control room A : 16 tracks studio, multichannel 5.1.

    Mac Pro OSX Lion 10.7.5 Quad Core Intel

    Avid Protools 10.2.0 HDX, Digi 192

    Euphonix Artist Mix control surface (4 elements)

    Processing plug-in

    Factory digidesign plug-ins

    Waves Surround Zone pack

    Waves Pack (API, SSL, Maserati, etc.)

    Izotope RX 2 suite

    Altiverb 7.0


    SPL Surround Monitor Controller Model 2489

    5.1: 5 x Genelec 1030A + 1 x Sub 1092A

    Stereo: 2 x Adam P11A

    Toft Audio ATB console, 16 tracks


    Avalon VT 737 SP

    Focusrite Octopre Platinum (ADAT)

    Alesis Midiverb 4

    Sony Blu-Ray/DVD/CD BDP S300

    Tascam MD 301-MKII

    Behringer Composer MDX2000

    RANE HC-6 Headphone Amplifier/Distributor

    ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link Firewire Video Converter

    Samsung Plasma TV

    Control room B : Sound editing booth, multichannel 5.0.

    Mac Pro, 2x2,3Ghz Power PC G5

    AVID Protools 8 HD2, Digi 96 interface

    Digidesign Command 8 control surface

    Processing plug-in

    Digidesign factory plug-ins

    Izotpoe RX suite 2


    SPL Surround Monitor Controller Model 2489

    5.0 : 5 x Adam A7


    Samson C.que 8 headphone amplifier/distributor

    ADS Tech Pyro A/V Link Firewire Video Converter


    Mic stands

    Broadcast console

    Monitor 2 x Adam A7-X

    1 x Sound effects cabinet

    1 x post-synch screen