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Master Physique, Parcours : Physique

L’objectif du parcours « Physique » du Master de Physique est de donner une formation de haut niveau en physique fondamentale et expérimentale couvrant un très vaste domaine de la Physique.


  • AIMS

    The objective of the « Physics » course of the Master of Physics is to give a high level training in fundamental and experimental physics covering a very vast domain of Physics. It also aims to provide students with a high level of adaptability compatible with the current evolution of research and industrial development activities in many fields:

    • Particle and Astroparticle Physics;
    • Theoretical and Mathematical Physics ;
    • Astrophysics and Cosmology ;
    • The Study of Electromagnetic Radiation, its Interaction with Matter, Analysis and Signal Processing ;
    • The Optics and Image Processing ;
    • The study of condensed matter (Solid, Soft Matter,...) ;
    • The Physical Study of Complex Systems (especially biological) ;
    • Fusion Sciences and related fields of energy.

    Solid initial and in-depth training in physics. Newtonian physics, Optics, Electromagnetism, Statistical physics, Quantum mechanics. Programming language and mathematical tools.


    Have a good level of skills and knowledge in general physics at undergraduate level, in particular knowledge of orders of magnitude, and mastery of the concepts of units and dimensions. Possessing a good capacity for abstraction, and a good level of computational skills, in particular, mastering mathematical and numerical tools is a major asset for a physicist.


    • SCIENCES, Télé-enseignement
    • SCIENCES, Marseille St-Jérôme
    • SCIENCES, Marseille St-Charles

    The « Physics » course provides a solid foundation of knowledge in fundamental theoretical or experimental physics with particular attention given to the development of students' individual projects. It allows students to acquire a major in particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, theoretical physics, fusion plasmas, radiation, condensed matter, etc;In the field of condensed matter, molecular systems, complex systems, the complexity of the living world, in the processing of large masses of data (big data).


    The main professional objective is to train physicists with a broad and deep culture of their discipline. Rare on the national territory outside of training of this type, the course « Physics » aims to provide competences on both the theoretical and experimental levels. The professional fields aimed at are therefore multiple: on the one hand, to train future physics researchers, and on the other hand, to inject into the economic and industrial fabric specialists in physical engineering and technical studies which are necessary to ensure Research and Development. The sectors targeted are very diversified and include the optical, electronics, IT, aeronautics and space industries, energy, materials and materials engineering, and the construction industry, energy, materials, telecommunications, but also equipment manufacturers, business services, defence, health:

    • Operational skills in many fields of Physics;
    • Analysis and management of scientific projects ;
    • Adaptability compatible with the current evolution of research and industrial development activities.
    • Implement scientific markets in Physics in an academic or private research and development environment, in France or abroad.

    The training by internship and projects is of great importance in the course « Physics » of the Master of Physics.

    Typically, the M1 offers a research internship in laboratories or industries of 7 weeks duration which can be extended to 2 months in the case of internships in companies or abroad.

    The M2 internships of 4-6 months, gratified, are carried out in a laboratory or a company according to the research or professional purpose of the M2 speciality.


    The course « Physics » is organised in 4 semesters. The 1st semester is a common core of 3 fundamental UE, 1 UE of Mathématiques method and 1 UE of practical work and numerical methods. The student, actor of his own training, is proposed a modular structure for a progressive specialization from the 2nd semester according to a coherent set of UE. The choice is accompanied in semester 1 by a skills assessment.


    Learnings from: CEA-Cadarache for « fusion » aspects.




    • For candidates holding a French or European Union or foreign Physics degree, applications are made via the e-candidat application on the Faculté des Sciences website.
    • Please note: for certain countries outside the European Union, applications are made via the Campus France system on the website:

    Typical courses can be access by
    • Initial Formation
    • Continious formation
    • Distance Learning formation

FunPhys Welcome Week academic year 2023-2024

The first day of the Master program in Physics for the academic year 2023-2024 is Tuesday August 29, 2023.

The lectures will start on Monday September 4, 2023.

This is the English description of the "parcours : physique" since it is an international Master program in Fundamental Physics (FunPhys). Please, note that since the Master is internationally open, the classes will be taught in English and a good level of understanding is therefore required. FunPhys is one of the possible study tracks within the Master degree (MSc.) in Physics at Aix-Marseille University.

N.B. It holds up to 2023-2024 academic year (included), end of the period of time for the AMU accreditation for education given by the French Ministery for Higher Education & Research.

The purpose of this 2-year specific training, focused on "Fundamental Physics", is to provide a strong general education in the major areas of physics and the possibilities for specialisation through constructing is own study path by choosing course units.



  • Scholarships

    Some of the above AMU Institutes strongly connected with the FunPhys Master program support excellent students through  4-mont, 8-month or 10-month scholarships (1st or 2nd Master years)  applying for their specific training programs, see for instance

    In addition, there are also three AMU-TIGER Master Excellence 10-month scholarships (one for each the three AMU Institutes: ISFIN, IPhU and  CenTuri Institute).

    Contact the appropriate Institute for any request.

Application procedure

  • Foreword

    • It is reminded that a Master's degree is a 2-year training program. In order to be taught in a more coherent way, it is advised to enroll in the 1st year of the curriculum. Eligible students are those who have obtained a Science degree in Physics, or a 3rd year of engineering or foreign equivalent. Good performance in previous years of education is expected.
    • Enrolment in the 2nd year: future 1st year Master students will be entitled to enrolment if they have completed the Master-1 year. For students coming from other universities the enrolment is possible. Eligible students are those that have completed a first year master in physics, or are holder of an engineer diploma or foreign equivalent. Good performance in previous years of education is expected. An interview may be requested by officials of the Master.

    Please, note that since the Master is internationally open, the classes will be taught in English and a good level of understanding is therefore required.

  • Application procedure

    Check which application process is for you on the dedicated Sciences Faculty web page, here.

    • M1: Application for the 1st Master year (M1) of the FunPhys Master programs: go to the national Master portal "Mon Master", see here. Application period March 22 - April 18, 2023.
    • M2: Application for the 2nd Master year (M2) of the FunPhys Master program requires the e-candidat procedure,: select "Master 2 Physique : Physique MARSEILLE Saint-Charles". Application period April 4 - June 13, 2023


    Follow the Campus France procedure if applicable.

    BEWARE: the Campus France application process needs to be usually fulfilled before January the 1st.

    To find the FunPhys study program on the Campus France website:

    • see the "Master's degree in physics - Physics Track" in Marseille by selecting on the l.h.s.: Master, Sciences, taught in EN, National degree and by type "Marseille" inside the search bar on the top of the page.
    • Alternatively, see the French spoken entry : "Master Sciences, technologie, santé mention Physique - Parcours Physique" : Établissement: Aix-Marseille Université - Faculté des sciences - Campus Marseille Centre (FDS).

    Recommendation Letters:

    If you apply for the 2nd-year Master directly from outside AMU, ask for two confidential recommendation letters (only for candidates who were not previously enrolled in the M1-year of the Master in Physics at AMU):

    Once your application has been submitted, and before mid-June, please arrange for two confidential recommendation letters to be sent directly by one professor of your current M1-year of education and  one by the supervisor of your last year research internship (ex: Master 1 internship). These letters should be emailed directly by your recommenders to the Master administration office.

Useful informations

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