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The Scientific Committee of the Faculty

The Scientific Committee is chaired by the Dean or in his absence by the Vice-Dean for Research and International Affairs. It is responsible for preparing the work of the Faculty Council and for the examination of all research-related matters. It meets according to current events and at least four times a year.

Its missions

Its main missions are:

  • the dissemination of information relating to research,
  • the constitution of new research structures,
  • the development of new disciplines/axes of research-teaching,
  • the development of interdisciplinarity, the structuring of technological platforms,
  • inter-ranking for the Faculty Council, including:
    • files relating to research profiles for recruitment requests (definition of profiles, associated teacher-researchers),
    • files concerning responses to calls for research proposals and grant applications

Its composition

  • Members

    • Laurence Mouret (Dean of the Science Department)
    • Jérôme Trouslard (Vice-Dean of Research and International Relations of the UFR Sciences)

    20 teachers, researchers and assimilated members (elected or appointed)

    • Isabelle Beurroies (PR, MADIREL)
    • Olivier Boutin (PR, M2P2)
    • Laurence Charles (PR, ICR)
    • Hervé Clavier (DR, ISM2)
    • Isabel Demongodin (PR, LIS)
    • Stéphanie Escoffier (CR, CPPM)
    • Christophe Girardeaux (PR, IM2NP)
    • David Grojo (DR, LP3)
    • Pascal Hubert (PR, I2M)
    • Amel Latifi (PR, LCB)
    • Valéry Matarazzo (PR, INMED)
    • Aziz Moqrich (DR, IBDM)
    • Pierre Müller (PR, CINaM)
    • Jean-Yves Natoli (PR, INSTITUT FRESNEL)
    • Alain Pocheau (PR, IRPHE)
    • Lydie Pradel (MCF, TAGC)
    • Guillaume Rond (MCF, I2M)
    • Pascale Roubin (PR, PIIM)
    • Jean-Marc Talbot (PR, LIS)

    2 IATSS representatives

    • Eric Bertrand (Engineer, IRPHE)
    • Carole Siret (Engineer, CIML)

    1 Users' representative

  • Permanent guests

    2 elected members of the UFR AMU Research Commission

    7 Department Directors of the UFR Sciences

    • Rémi Adjiman (Department Director, Satis)
    • Jean-Marc Themlin (Department Director, Physics)
    • Frédéric Richard (Department Head, Mathematics)
    • Philippe Knauth (Department Head, Chemistry)
    • Uwe Ehrenstein (Department Head, Mechanics)
    • Djamal Habet (Department Head, Computer Science & Interactions)
    • Valéry Matarazzo (Department Head, Biology)

    1 Director of the Multidisciplinary Service

    Alain Sandoz (Director of the multidisciplinary service)

    1 Director of C3S

    Dominique Ami (Director of C3S)

    3 Deputy Site Directors

    • José Busto (Deputy Site Director, Luminy)
    • Michelle Sergent (Executive Director, Etoile)
    • Laurent Pézard (Executive Director, Saint Charles)

    1 Vice Dean for Education and Professional Integration

    Marc Georgelin (Vice-Dean of Education, UFR Sciences)