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Free listener

Auditors are considered as users of the University and cannot benefit from the student status.

The auditor has the possibility to follow a maximum of 4 UE per semester (or period) to be chosen among the teaching units (UE) of a Bachelor or Master year only.

The fees to be paid are voted by the University Board of Directors.

The auditor has access to

  • A magnetic card to access the library
  • The digital workspace but limited to downloadable documents except for distance learning services

The auditor does not have the right to take exams, nor to attend tutorials and practical work.

They are not entitled to university benefits.

Furthermore, the auditor cannot claim any certificate of success for the courses taken or diploma.

Apply for registration as a freelance author

To apply for registration as an auditor you must :

Download, fill in and send to the address below:

  1. an educational contract describing the courses you wish to follow in the chosen course. With the help of the pedagogical registration file for the course concerned
  2. an administrative registration file+ the pedagogical registration file for the course concerned, as well as the documents that accompany them.

    IMPORTANT: in section 10 "Annual administrative registration" of the registration file, remember to tick the box "auditor" in the status field.

  3. Enclose the single administrative registration fee of 113 € as well as the pedagogical registration fee (free auditors do not pay the CVEC),

Methods of payment for the registration fees for free auditors:

  • CHEQUE: It must be made out correctly and only to the order of : ACCOUNTING AGENT AMU. A third person can make out the cheque in place of the student who wishes to register. In this case, be sure to specify on the back of the cheque the first and last name of the student concerned.
  • WIRE TRANSFER: Please use the RIB of the University. Transfers will only be taken into account after receipt of the proof of transfer by mail or by email to the administrator of your course. The payment by transfer requires a certain time of treatment (3-4 days), your registration will be deferred.

Please note that for people outside the European Union (EU) who wish to make a bank transfer, the banks charge bank fees directly. In fact, the amount of the transfer must correspond to the amount of the pedagogical registration fees.