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The Department of Mathematics is one of the 8 departments of the Faculty of Science. It offers training in fundamental and applied mathematics at the Bachelor's, Professional Bachelor's, Master's and Doctoral levels, spread over the university's various teaching sites and opening up a wide range of career opportunities: teaching, research, but also actuarial science, finance, management control, scientific computing, data analysis and modelling, data science, computer science, security, etc.

The Department of Mathematics is attached to theInstitut de Mathématiques de Marseille (UMR 7373 of the CNRS) and offers a very strong research component in fundamental and applied mathematics. It also maintains strong relations with theIREM of Marseille, notably through the hippocampe program. The masters degrees of the Department of Mathematics are also associated with theArchimede Institute.

  • Licenses

    The Department of Mathematics offers 2 licenses whose detailed contents are available below:

  • Licence pro

  • Masters

    The Department of Mathematics offers 2 Masters whose detailed contents are accessible below :

    Since the start of the September 2018 academic year, the master's degree in mathematics applications has been separated into two mentions:

    • Mathematics and Applications: Generalist training in mathematics, which provides the theoretical foundations and tools for careers in teaching, fundamental or applied research and mathematical engineering (R&D).
      • Preparation for the Aggregation in Mathematics
      • Fundamental Mathematics
      • Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics
      • Applied Mathematics CEPS
      • Didactics of Mathematics
    • Applied Mathematics, Statistics: Training focused on data processing based on multidisciplinary courses (statistics, computer science, demography, health, actuarial science, etc.) which opens up careers in statistics, mathematical engineering and applied research.
      • Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences (MASS) - Population Analysis
      • Mathematical Engineering and Actuarial Sciences (IMSA)
      • Data Sciences (DS)

    There are also two cross-disciplinary courses in several fields:

    Registration fees:

    In accordance with what is indicated on the UFR Sciences website, the registration fees for the master's degree are the same for foreign and French students, unchanged from the 2017-2018 year.


    For the year 2019-2020, we are likely to have M2 scholarships to fund students coming from outside and students from Aix-Marseille. To apply for these scholarships send a cv and your L3, M1 transcripts to the contact address indicated on the course page. You can also send a letter of recommendation to the same address.

    Knowledge control procedures:

    The MCC of the licenses and masters are listed on the page of MCC of the UFR sciences.

  • Doctorates

    Doing a PhD in Sciences means carrying out a large-scale research project, which is crowned with a PhD in Sciences and Technologies.

    Students wishing to do a PhD in Mathematics depend on theDoctoral School 184 "Mathematics and Computer Science".


    39 rue F. Joliot Curie

    13453 Marseille - cedex 13

    Tel :

  • Mathematical opportunities

    Here are some interesting links about mathematics and mathematics careers. In summary: studies are the best passport to employment, with scientific studies being at the top of the scale in terms of professional insertion rate, mathematics studies being particularly well placed and offering a very wide range of jobs.

  • Continuing Education

To contact one of the managers listed below, use an email address of the form <firstname>.<lastname>, taking care to remove all accents from <lastname>.<firstname>. For example, the email address for Chârles-Émile Bôdelère is In case of difficulty you can also consult the university directory.

  • Direction

  • Departmental Council

    The board was elected on October 18, 2016. The new department chair, Frederic Richard was elected at the April 8, 2021 board meeting with immediate start for a 2-year term.

    The extended board is composed of the elected members and a list of permanent guests that was established at the first meeting. Board meetings are announced on this website and by email one week in advance, all members of the department can attend.

    The board meeting was set for December 13, 2018. Agenda item proposals must be submitted to the office no later than one week before the board meeting.

    Board members: Assia Benabdallah, Annie Broglio, Thierry Coulbois, David Kohel, Gregory Maillard, Clothilde Melot, Sylvie Monniaux, Brigitte Mossé, Anne Nouri, Karl Oeljeklaus, Christophe Pittet, Pierre Pudlo, Myriam Quatrini, Guillaume Rond, Andrei Teleman, Serge Troubetzkoy, Isabelle Miola

  • Training

    Head of Descartes Portal

    Françoise BATTESTI :

  • Bachelor of Mathematics

    Responsible for the mention

    Laure CARDOULIS and Stéphane RIGAT :

    Responsible for L2

    • Saint-Charles : Assia BENABDALLAH (coordinator)
    • Luminy: Ctirad KLIMCIK
    • Aix: Christian FAIVRE

    Responsible for L3

    Saint-Charles: Glenn MERLET

    Luminy: Serge TROUBETZKOY

  • MIASHS degree

    Responsible for the mention

    Grégory MAILLARD :

    Head of L1

    St-Charles : Myriam QUATRINI

    Head of L2

    St-Charles: Hervé DAUDE

    Responsible for L3

    St-Charles : Marie JACQUE

  • Licence pro Business Intelligence and Statistics

    Responsible for the mention

    Laurence REBOUL and Magali CONTENSIN :

  • Master Mathematics and Applications

    Heads of mention

    Laurent REGNIER and Michel MEHRENBERGER :

    Heads of M1

    • Luminy: Joël RIVAT
    • Château-Gombert: Jean-Yves BRIEND, Pierre MATHIEU

    M2 supervisors

    • Aggregation Château Gombert: Julien OLIVIER
    • Didactics St-Charles: Pierre ARNOUX, Teresa ASSUDE, Yves MATHERON
    • IMD Luminy: Laurent REGNIER, Pierre-Alain REYNIER
    • M2- MA, Scientific Computation, Differential Equations, Probability, Statistics Château-Gombert: Michel MEHRENBERGER
    • M2 Fundamental Mathematics Château-Gombert: Nicolas BEDARIDE
  • Master Applied Mathematics, Statistics

    Responsible for the mention

    Pierre PUDLO :

    Heads of M1

    • DS St-Charles : Frédéric RICHARD
    • IMSA St-Charles : Denys POMMERET
    • MASS St-Charles: Thomas WILLER

    Responsible for M2

    • DS St-Charles: Pierre PUDLO
    • IMSA Luminy: Mohamed BOUTAHAR
    • MASS St-Charles: Bénédicte GASTINEAU and Nicolas PECH
  • Master's degree CMB course

    Florence HUBERT and Laurence RODER :

  • Pedagogical Secretariats

    • Chateau-Gombert : Sandrine IFRAH
    • Saint-Charles : Béatrice FRIZZI
    • Luminy : Sonia KERBACHE
  • Distance learning

    • Head of L1 and L2 Maths : Hassan YOUSSFI
    • Responsible for L3 Maths : Stéphane RIGAT
    • Responsible for M1 Maths : Claudio MUROLO
    • M2 Maths supervisors: Claudio MUROLO and Anne NOURI

The mathematics department is associated with theInstitut de Mathématiques de Marseille (I2M) which groups together the two former IML and LATP.

Main research topics:

  • Coding theory, error-correcting code, cryptography, science of secret messages, genetic code...
  • Mathematical logic, proof theory, programming languages and computational models...
  • Fundamental mathematics and complex geometries, node theory...
  • Mathematical methods and algorithms for signal and image processing, applications in biomedical imaging...
  • Risk modeling: probabilistic and statistical approach to risk in finance and insurance...
  • Probability, statistics and their applications...
  • Wave propagation phenomena: waves, solitary waves, tsunamis, shock waves...
  • Mathematics applied to health sciences, life sciences and environmental sciences...
  • Mathematical problems from physics and engineering: electromagnetism, lasers, tokamaks...
  • Courses

    Internship offers for master students can be sent through the Eureka facility of this institute.

  • Taxe d'apprentissage

    Nos étudiants seront vos collaborateurs de demain !

    De nombreuses formations proposées par le Département de Mathématiques sont éligibles à la Taxe d’apprentissage.

    L’insertion professionnelle est aujourd’hui, avec la formation initiale et la formation continue, une des missions fondamentales de l’Université. Notre ambition est d’accroître les compétences et l'employabilité de nos étudiants, qui seront dès demain de futurs professionnels du monde de l’entreprise.

    La taxe d’apprentissage est un moyen significatif pour assurer ce développement.

    Si vous souhaitez en faire bénéficier nos formations, 2 solutions possibles :

    1. contribuer directement par carte bancaire sur :
    2. contribuer par chèque ou par virement bancaire à l'aide de la page 3 de notre plaquette ou du bordereau de versement ci-dessous, à compléter et à nous retourner avant le 31 mai 2022


Directeur du Département de Mathématiques
Directeurs adjoints du Département de Mathématiques
Responsable administrative de département
Secrétariat Pédagogique Master Mathématiques Appliquées, Statistique (MA,S) et Mathématiques et Applications - parcours M2 Maths Fonda. | Site de St-Charles
Secrétariat Pédagogique Licence Professionnelle Métiers du décisionnel et de la statistique | Site de Luminy
Secrétariat Pédagogique Master Maths Appliquées, Stat. parcours IMSA | Site de Luminy
Secrétariat Pédagogique Mathématiques et Applications - parcours M2 IMD | Site de Luminy

Department of Mathematics

Campus Saint-Charles - UFR des Sciences - Case 45

3 place Victor Hugo - 13331 Marseille cedex 3

Access: From the entrance gate, turn right, pass in front of the janitor's office, go up the alley leaving the natural sciences and physics lecture halls behind you, in the courtyard to the right of the chemistry lecture hall, enter through the door at the end on the right, go up 3 floors (the elevator stops at the 2nd floor).