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Key dates

  • Publication of the imposed subject of the realization: Friday April 9, 2021
  • Deadline for registration on e-candidat : Friday, May 7, 2021
  • Deadline for the return of applications on e-candidat: Monday 10 May 2021
  • Constitution of the registration file

    • Deadline for registration on e-candidat: 7 May 2021
    • Deadline forthe return of e-files on e-candidat: 10 May 2021
  • How to register

    The recruitment procedure is identical for all levels of study (L3, M1 and M2). It is therefore not necessary to apply for several levels.

    Integration into the Bachelor's and Master's programs is subject to the decision of the Pedagogical Commission on the basis of the jury's evaluation.

    Pre-requisites: Minimum level in French: C1 (Experienced user - autonomous level)

    These diplomas are accessible through continuing education (via e-candidat) and through the Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) or the Validation of Professional Experience (VAP).

    You are eligible for continuing education if you meet one of the following conditions at the start of the course:

    • You have interrupted your studies
    • You were previously enrolled in continuing education
    • You are registered with Pôle Emploi
    • Your training is paid for by a third party (OPCA, Fongecif, CPF, DIF, etc.)
    • You are an employee or a liberal profession

    Contact the Continuing Education Department of the UFR Sciences (Contacts Campus Saint Charles) for your administrative procedures

    The recruitment process consists of three phases:

    1. Registration

      Registration on e-candidat for all candidates (FI and FC) from April 1st 2021 to May 7th 2021.

    2. Eligibility

      After the examination of the files by the jury, an eligibility decision is made.

      Note: This schedule may change depending on the particular health situation imposed by the COVID-19.

    3. Admission

      Written test: MCQs (these questions will cover, by specialty, the trades, techniques and more generally on the artistic and scientific culture)

      Oral test : The candidate has 10 minutes to present himself.

      The jury, made up by specialty and composed of the head of the field and a teacher, has 10 minutes to question the candidate.

      At the jury's initiative, the candidate may be interviewed by a second jury.

      The interviews will take place at the end of June 2021 (dates to come).

      Depending on the health situation, the interviews and MCQs will take place in person or by videoconference.

  • Information on schooling and choice of specialty


    The training in the SATIS Department is a full time training which requires a daily attendance. The average weekly schedule is 30 hours of compulsory classes, tutorials or practical work.

    During the film-making periods, the timetable is adapted to the conduct and requirements of the projects (evening and weekend work for example).

    The assessment methods are largely based on continuous assessment. Students are required to do personal work outside of class hours and participate in the life of the institution (student association, student council, etc.).

    Internships are compulsory: 1 month in L3 and 6 months for the Master.


    The definition and content of the specialties offered to students are based on the results of several years of training in the SATIS Department, the examination of the professional careers of our former students and the analysis of the economic realities of the film and audiovisual sector.

    The different courses offered are

    • Editing and post-production (10 students)
    • Shooting (enrolment: 10 students)
    • Production and directing (enrolment: 12 students)
    • Sound for the image (enrolment: 10 students)
    • Music for the image (enrolment: 5 students in L3 and 10 students in Master)

    In L3, the course allows the student to confirm a choice of orientation: Master's degree or professional integration.

    It is necessary to position yourself via e-candidat on a speciality whatever the level of study requested.