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The Luminy Campus is an exceptional site at the gateway to the Calanques where it is good to live and work...

Luminy is :

  • 2 Faculties
  • 6 Grandes Ecoles and Institutes (more than 8000 students)
  • 32 research laboratories (CNRS, INSERM, University, INRA, IRD, CEA) (more than 1500 researchers, foreign post-docs, engineers...)
  • an incubator and high-tech companies - a training and conference centre (CIRM)
  • student accommodation (CROUS, Résid Etudes, etc.)
  • sports facilities (tennis courts, stadiums, etc.), hiking trails, limestone for climbing, etc.

If you want information about the Campus, please visit the website of the Grand Luminy Association.

Coming to Luminy

Faculty of Sciences Aix Marseille University

163 Avenue de Luminy

Case 901

13288 Marseille

Tel: +33 (0)4 91 82 90 00


43.231330160665, 5.4379467255652

Services for students

  • Missions of the school service

    The Registrar's Office is organised into 5 offices:

    • Reception office of the service
    • The Bachelor's degree office is divided into 2 divisions (see details in "your contacts"):
      • Licences A centre
      • Licences B centre
    • Bureau des Licences Pro. & Masters subdivided in 2 poles (see details in "your contacts") :
      • LP / Masters A division
      • LP / Masters B pole
    • Doctorate & HDR Office
    • Office of Continuing Education
  • Location of the service

    163 avenue de Luminy, case 901

    13288 Marseille Cedex 9

    Bât TPR1 - Ground floor

    • Licences, LP, Masters & Continuing Education: door F.00.09
    • Doctorates & HDR: door E.00.06
  • Opening hours of the service

    • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 8.45am-4pm
    • Tuesday: 8:45-12:00 / 13:00-16:00
    • Thursday: 12:00-16:00 (closed in the morning)
  • School Contacts

  • University Library

    Collections, adapted services, wide opening hours, friendly work spaces, quality reception and training in documentary research: you have everything you need to succeed in the BU Sciences!

    You can also take advantage of the library shuttle service: book online, pick up your reservation, borrow or pick up your books in the BU of your choice.

  • SUIO offices

    The SUIO (Service Universitaire d'Insertion et d'Orientation) is open on Tuesday afternoons at the Aix-Montperrin site

    • For advice on orientation, reorientation...
    • For information on studies and careers...

    Come and meet a SUIO advisor:

    On Tuesday afternoons by appointment only in office 4.

    To make an appointment, contact Audrey BOULARDIN on 04 91 28 81 18 or at the following e-mail address:


    The CROUS, Centre Régional des Œuvres Universitaires et Scolaires aims to give students the means to succeed by improving their living and working conditions.

    WARNING: when a student with a grant is declared non-attendance at the CROUS, his/her grant is immediately suspended and the CROUS can demand the reimbursement of the monthly payments already made: see conditions for assessing attendance at the Sciences Department.

  • International Relations

    Would you like to know more about studying or doing an internship abroad?

    A new office of the International Relations Department has been set up at Montperrin.

    Eléonore Gire welcomes you on Tuesdays and Fridays from 8.45 am to 1 pm at office 3.

  • Student Associations

    The Sports Association of the Faculty of Sciences - Luminy site

    The goals of the association

    • To represent the Faculty of Sciences - Luminy site in sports competitions organized by the French Federation of University Sports.
    • To play an essential role in the animation of the scientific pole of Luminy with the students and personnel by the organization of internal tournaments, festive gatherings around competitions and evenings (participation during the day of associations, tournament of Christmas, Day of the sport...).
    • To prepare students for qualifying training courses: BNSSA (Brevet National de Sécurité et de Sauvetage Aquatique) and specific qualifications.

    Membership fee : 32 euros

    Number of members : More than 200 members, divided into team sports teams, as well as many competitors participating in various individual sports, under the guidance of PE teachers assigned to the Sports Department and various associated teachers.

    Contact: 163, Avenue de Luminy 13288 MARSEILLE CEDEX 9

    Location: Ground floor, Building A

    Tel: 04 91 82 92 27 -

    The Luminy Cultural Centre

    The Luminy Cultural Centre is a student association whose objective is to animate and develop activities around notions such as culture, citizenship, freedom of expression, art, knowledge sharing and social initiative. For more than 12 years, the volunteers of the association have been working hard to organize free and cultural events in the open air, to set up weekly or bi-monthly workshops, and to organize one-off events to create a social bond on campus. We are open to all to set up projects, to concretize ideas and to make the social heart of this campus beat, whose potential is infinite. L'Indien has been watching over the Luminyens for decades and encourages us, students, researchers, professors, administrators and other campus employees to participate in this common effort to build the Luminy of tomorrow. - 06 07 19 12 95

    The BDE

    The BDE welcomes you in its office located in the BU building (access by the outside concrete staircase) between 12:00 and 14:00 from Monday to Friday. It gathers all useful information for your studies. In collaboration with the AJAC commission and with the support of the Faculty of Science, it provides active assistance to AJAC students.

    It organizes, thanks to many partners, a set of actions in the fields of Culture, Sport, University Health....


    ALLIE 's vocation is to introduce to the university a citizen reflection around the social, economic, political and cultural news. Website :

    To inform on the current events and the representative life of the university (councils), to debate on questions of society. In a word, to introduce to the university a citizen reflection around the social, economic, political and cultural current events... . A.L.L.I.E. is open to all students without distinction.

    Projects :

    • writing of a newspaper
    • organization of citizen debates and round tables...
    • participation in the life of the Faculty and the University: some members are elected in various Councils which favours dialogue and exchange of information between administration, teachers and students
    • Ecofestival - Fair Trade Breakfast
    • Broadcasting of thematic films

      Head office : 163, Avenue de Luminy 13288 MARSEILLE CEDEX 9



    Hippothèse is the association of young researchers in Life Science, Health and Environment of the Academy of Aix-Marseille


    The Erasmus Association was created by the ERASMUS students of the Luminy Campus. Its aim is to propose various activities to foreign students allowing them to discover the country: cultural outings in Marseille, trips in France...

    • Location: it is hosted at CIELL (postal address - in the BU building).
    • Aims of the Association: To federate all the ERASMUS students of the Campus. The only ERASMUS association in Marseille, it hopes to become the ERASMUS association of Aix and Marseille University in 2012.
    • Projects: Offer a variety of activities to foreign students allowing them to discover the country: cultural outings in Marseille, trips to France ...
    • Number of members: around 60 to 80 students
    • Contact:, On site, at International Relations: Catherine HAGUENAUER (secretary) or Tom GRAINGER (Manager):
    • Facebook page: "Erasmus Marseille Luminy"
  • Language Services

Services for staff