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The Department of Chemistry is one of the 8 Departments of the Faculty of Science.

With 1000 students in initial training, 150 teacher-researchers, 50 CNRS researchers and 100 AMU and CNRS technical and administrative staff, the department is associated with a significant research potential in interaction with the Ecole Centrale Marseille.

11 Joint Research Units are associated with the Department of Chemistry and cover the fields of excellence in chemistry research that ensure the international reputation of our University. These fields are mainly: Radical Chemistry & Paramagnetic Species, Analysis & Control of Chirality, Functional Materials, Bio-inspired Chemistry & Chemistry of the Living. These major themes encompass other topics such as spectroscopies and separative methods, process engineering, environmental chemistry and even astrochemistry.

The Department of Chemistry collaborates within the framework of an agreement with the CRITT Novachim, which acts as an interface between public research and more than 180 private companies in the chemical and materials sector.

The Department of Chemistry is associated with an important research potential made up of four research laboratories contracted with the CNRS: the Institute of Radical Chemistry (ICR), the Institute of Molecular Sciences of Marseille (ISM2), the Laboratory of Environmental Chemistry (LCE) and the laboratory "Divided Materials, Interfaces, Reactivity, Electrochemistry" (MADIREL).

Other laboratories, mainly affiliated to other departments, also host teams of chemists.

The department of chemistry has as a privileged partner the Federation of Research in Chemical Sciences (FR1739), which federates more widely the chemistry laboratories of the Marseille area.

Moreover, the Chemistry Department is in close contact with the Ecole Doctorale des Sciences Chimiques de Marseille (ED-250) as well as the Ecole Doctorale Physique et Science de la Matière (ED-352) which are in charge of organizing training courses, allocating doctoral contracts, preparing the professional insertion and follow-up of the PhDs who are present in the different laboratories of the Department.

  • List of host laboratories

    Research units Label Directors
    BIP- Bioenergetics and Protein Engineering

    (also attached to Biology and Physics)
    UMR 7281 Marie-Thérèse GIUDICI-ORTICONI
    CINAM- Interdisciplinary Center of Nanoscience of Marseille

    (also attached to Physics)
    UMR 7325

    Pierre MULLER

    ICR- Institute of Radical Chemistry UMR 7273 Didier GIGMES
    IM2NP- Materials Microelectronics Institute Naonosciences of Provence

    (also attached to Physics)
    UMR 7334 Jean-Luc AUTRAN
    ISM2- Institute of Molecular Sciences of Marseille

    (also in Biology)
    UMR 7313 Jean-Antoine RODRIGUEZ
    LP3- Lasers Plasmas and Photonic Processes Laboratory UMR 7341 Philippe DELAPORTE
    LCE- Environmental Chemistry Laboratory UMR 7376 Henri WORTHAM
    MADIREL- Divided Materials, Interfaces, Reactivity, Electrochemistry Laboratory UMR 7246 Renaud DENOYEL
    M2P2- Mechanics, Modelling and Clean Processes Laboratory

    (also attached to Mechanics)
    UMR 7340 Pierre SAGAUT
    PIIM- Physics of Ion and Molecular Interactions UMR 7345 Annette CALISTI
    CRCM Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille UMR 7258 Jean-Paul BORG

The department is developing an intense collaboration with Novachim on internships.


Directeur du département
Assistante département de chimie

The Department's headquarters are in Saint Jerome.

Campus of St-Jérôme / Service C12

52 avenue Escadrille Normandie Niemen

13397 Marseille cedex 20