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L1 in 2 years

Aix-Marseille University (AMU) follows CNIL guidelines

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Methods and time to succeed in scientific studies - The 1st year of the degree is spread over 2 years

  • Target Audience

    The L1en2ans training is aimed at students∙e∙s from general bacs with scientific specialities but with levels that are too low and therefore likely to be in difficulty in traditional scientific licences.

    Students with less than 12/20 average in scientific subjects very often encounter a first failure at university. The L1en2ans course is set up to give them the means to succeed through appropriate support.

    For baccalaureate students without a scientific speciality, another system to help them succeed has been specifically set up: the Year of Scientific Upgrading (AMNS).

  • Pedagogical approach

    Time for a deep acquisition of the fundamental elements

    • Methodological support
    • Work on personal and professional projects
    • Active teaching methods: flipped classroom, project and problem-based learning, teamwork, digital activities
    • An adapted rhythm and pedagogical equipment with small classes
    • Strengthening interactions between student∙e∙s and teacher∙s
    • Scientific conferences
  • Objectives

    Increase your chances of success in a scientific degree

    • Be an actor in your training
    • Give more meaning to the subjects taught
    • Gain self-confidence and autonomy
    • Acquire the knowledge and skills of the first year of the degree
    • Develop cross-disciplinary skills: interpersonal skills, initiative, creativity
  • Application - Admission - Registration

    To be admitted to the L1en2ans course, you must follow the following steps

    1. apply on one of the three portals of the Faculty of Sciences of Aix Marseille University
    2. receive an admission notification (via parcoursup)
    3. definitively accept the wish on parcoursup
    4. have your baccalaureate
    5. complete your administrative registration at the Faculty of Sciences (before July 16 for the main parcoursup procedure)
    6. be present at the pre-entry day, take the placement tests and participate in a possible individual interview to discuss the orientation best suited to your profile (admission is acquired regardless of the test results)

  • Application: how to enter L1 in 2 years?

    Access to the university is through one of the three portals grouping all scientific licenses.

    René Descartes Portal : Mathematics - Computer Science - Mechanics - PhysicsMarie Curie Portal: Physics - Chemistry - Engineering Sciences - Sciences and TechnologiesLouis Pasteur Portal: Life Sciences - Life and Earth Sciences - Health and Social Sciences - Chemistry

    The L1en2ans training is a specific success aid for each portal.

    There is no direct access to this training (on the parcoursup platform), it is necessary to first apply on a portal.

    • The orientation towards the L1en2ans can be done in two ways:
    • Automatically when your file is studied by the commission examining the wishes of the chosen portal: you don't have to do anything but it is not certain that the commission will direct you to the L1en2ans.
    • By personal and motivated choice, by respecting the following 3 steps:
    1. Apply on a portal (see the section "How to apply?" below),
    2. Specify in your "reasoned study plan" that you wish to enter the "L1en2ans" by explicitly using this acronym,
    3. inform the L1en2ans teaching staff so that they can follow your application, by sending an email to the heads of the PES concerned:

    The commission for examining the wishes of the chosen portal will study your request carefully and will then suggest the most suitable orientation for you.

    For the drafting of the motivated training project, we recommend to detail the 5 following fields:

    • Field 1: title of the two subjects prepared for the final oral exam. Explain why you chose these subjects.
    • Field 2: State and describe 3 of your strengths and 3 of your weaknesses.
    • Field 3: Present your personal and/or professional project.
    • Field 4: Why do you want to come to the L1in2ans scheme?
    • Field 5: What other aspect of your background or personality would you like us to know?

    On parcoursup, the "reasoned educational project" can only be 1500 characters long, that is to say about 300 characters per field, so be clear and concise. Don't forget to write explicitly that "you wish to join the L1en2ans".

  • How to apply?

    For French and European Union students:

    You must use the Parcoursup platform and follow the following path:

    • "Discover the content of the courses" >
    • Fill in the fields as follows:
      • Formation : Licences
      • Mention : Sciences and technologies
      • Department : Bouches-du-Rhône
      • Launch the search and choose the desired portal on one of the sites of the University of Aix-Marseille.


    • 20 January - 11 March 2021: submission of applications on the Parcoursup platform
    • April 8, 2021: deadline for completing your file and confirming your wishes
    • 27 May 2021: replies from the courses on the admission of candidates
    • July 6, 2021: results of the bac
    • end of June-beginning of July 2021: administrative registration
    • 16 June 2021: opening of the Parcoursup complementary procedure
    • August 31, 2021: pre-start of the PES-L1in2 years (practical information to come)
    • 1st week of September: all L1en2years groups start the new academic year on their regular site (practical details will be given on the new academic year page)

    For foreign students outside the European Union:

    You must follow the Campus France procedure, the details of which are given on the website There are several distinct procedures depending on your country of study and/or your nationality, but in all cases you are required to fill out a Demande d'Admission Préalable (DAP) form which must be completed before January 17, 2021. It is therefore necessary to apply well in advance (more details on:

    Please note: the pedagogical methods used involve a lot of reading, oral discussions and writing, so an excellent command of the French language is essential! If this is not your case, the portal is certainly more suitable.

  • Admission and placement tests

    Once you have applied to one of the three portals of the Faculty of Science, the committee that examines the wishes of the chosen portal studies your file and makes an admission proposal among the following three:

    • "Yes": you are accepted in the portal directly, you are proposed to do a license in 3 years.
    • "Yes if AMNS" : you are not accepted in the portal directly, you are offered a 4-year degree, following the AMNS ( Année de Mise à Niveau Scientifique ) which is globally adapted for students who do not have a general baccalaureate with scientific specialties.
    • "Yes if L1en2ans": you are not accepted in the portal directly, you are proposed to do a license in 4 years, following the device of help to the success named L1en2ans.

    At the start of the new academic year, scheduled for 31 August 2021, candidates who have registered administratively will take placement tests which will include numerous questions on the scientific subjects studied in the final year of secondary school and associated with the chosen portal. The nature of the questions will start at the junior high school level and go up to the senior high school level, but there will also be general questions about the student's career plan and choice of direction. The purpose of the placement tests is to refine the orientation that we propose in order to offer the students that we welcome the best possibilities of success.

    The results of these tests do not condition admission to Aix Marseille University, which is acquired if the student accepts his or her wish on parcoursup, if he or she has passed the baccalaureate and if he or she registers administratively within the allotted time (before July 17).

    Depending on the file and the answers to the placement tests, an individual interview may be organised for students whose orientation needs to be refined. For some students, we will be able to offer the possibility of doing their year directly in the portal (L1 in one year) if they wish. The results of the tests may also lead to a proposal of orientation towards the AMNS or another training for the most difficult students. Whatever the answers to the positioning tests, the admission in L1 in 2 years is acquired. The possible new orientation is a proposal subject to the student's acceptance. If the student does not attend the pre-entry day on 31 August and does not take the placement tests, no reorientation will be offered.

    In order to validate their commitment in L1en2ans, the student will have to sign a "pedagogical contract for student success".

    If you wish to prepare yourself for the placement tests, either because the health situation this spring did not allow you to work properly, or because you feel light in sciences and in particular in maths, we recommend the following websites

  • Administrative registration

    After you have applied to a portal, the committee that examines your wishes will make a proposal for admission "Yes if L1in2years".

    As soon as you have your baccalaureate and this admission proposal "Yes if L1en2ans", you must as soon as possible make your administrative registration (IA) by following the following link:

    It is important that you have your university email address and your login details to access the ENT (Environnement Numérique de Travail) of AMU.

    In case of difficulty with the web interface, please contact

  • Further studies

    Spreading the first year of the degree over two years is not counted as repeating a year.

    Choosing the L1en2ans therefore offers the same scholarship and further study opportunities as other courses of study.

    At the end of the two years of the L1en2ans, each student∙e will be able to enter the second year of one of the traditional licenses of the chosen portal.

    Nevertheless, several types of reorientation are possible. At the end of the first year of the L1en2ans, students∙e∙s motivated∙e∙s will be able to apply, with a reinforced file, to selective post-bac streams (IUT, BTS, classe prépa, GEIPI competition...).

  • Contacts

    Your key contacts

    • If I am not enrolled in the first year of a two-year course and I would like to have information:
    • If I am already enrolled in L1en2ans :

    L1en2ans 1st year - pedagogical managers

    L1en2ans 2nd year - pedagogical managers

    School contacts by site:

    • For questions concerning registration, timetables, scholarships, etc., you must contact the secretariat of the relevant L1en2ans (see the administrative registration section above).
    • For questions about a particular course, contact the teacher concerned and if your question concerns your year of study, contact the person in charge of your first year of study:
  • Study plan

    PES study scheme
    PES study scheme

    L1 in 2 years :

    • 1st year Selective courses (IUT, BTS, GEIPI competition, preparatory classes)
    • 2nd year

    Then L2 and L3

Portals and course content

The first year of AMU's Licence de Sciences is now divided into three portals before the choice of a specific course in L2.

  • René Descartes Portal: Mathematics - Computer Science - Mechanics - Physics;
  • Marie Curie Portal : Physics - Chemistry - Engineering Sciences - Sciences and Technologies;
  • Louis Pasteur Portal : Life Sciences - Life and Earth Sciences - Chemistry - Health and Social Sciences.

The L1en2ans will be offered in 2021-2022 on the following sites of the university:

  • St Charles site (Marseille): L1in2years classes for the René Descartes and Louis Pasteur portals,
  • Luminy site (Marseille) : L1in2years classes for the René Descartes and Louis Pasteur portals,
  • Saint Jérôme site (Marseille): L1in2years class for the Marie Curie portal.
  • Montperrin site (Aix-en-Provence) : L1en2years class for René Descartes, Marie Curie and Louis Pasteur portals.

Follow the links below to access the detailed content of the different L1en2ans:

Further information can be found on the"prospective student" page.