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Master 2 Bioinformatics DLAD - Internship Proposals

To send your internship proposal, please fill in this form and send it to: aitor dot gonzalez arroba univ-amu dot fr


Propositions de stage dans le site de la Société Française de BioInformatique (SFBI) / Internship proposals on the website of the French Bioinformatics Society (SFBI):


Propositions des stages / Internship proposals

Spatial transcriptomics to decipher thymic crosstalk during aging

Denis Puthier (TAGC)

Posted Sep 20, 2022

Analysis of single protein bonds data with junctional DNA

Limozin Laurent (Lai, Marseille)

Posted Sep 20, 2022

Écologie-évolutive et génomique des maladies émergentes : simulations informatiques.

Hugo Mathé-Hubert hugo.mathe- and Guillaume Beslon

Posted Sep 20, 2022

Cross-kingdom horizontal gene transfers in eukaryotes

Florian Maumus, URGI, Versailles

Posted Sep 16, 2022

Enhancements of fsec-DB : a database/web interface for fungal secretomics data

Nicolas Terrapon, Elodie Drula, David Navarro, (AFMB, BBF, Marseille)

Posted Jul 22, 2022

Subfamilies of fungal carbohydrate-active enzymes

Nicolas Terrapon, Elodie Drula, Jean-Guy Berrin, (AFMB, BBF, Marseille)

Posted Jul 22, 2022

Inferring ligand-receptor interactions controlling cerebral cortex formation in mice based on single cell RNAseq datasets

Antoine de Chevigny (INMED, Marseille)

Posted Jul 22, 2022

Host-giant virus interactions explored through dual RNA-seq analyses

Matthieu Legendre/Sofia Rigou (IGS, Marseille)

Posted Jul 22, 2022

Unravelling the neuroprotective roles of macrophages at the brain surface

Rejane RUA (CIML)

Posted Jul  22, 2022

Analysis of mutations in the Fc region of monoclonal antibodies

Dr Taciana MANSO / Pr Sofia KOSSIDA; IGH, Montpellier

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Prediction and analysis of gene regulatory variants and sequence involved in the immune system

Aitor Gonzalez, Marie Michel (TAGC, Marseille)

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Development of a computer pipeline for viral metagenome analysisand its user interface: application to the study of the Mediterranean cnidarian holobiont

Guillaume Blanc/Didier Aurelle; MIO, Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

MALMO internships (Montpellier and Paris)

Racoceanu; Sorbonne, Paris

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Analysis of regulatory variants in Epromoters

Salvatore Spicuglia, Aitor González; TAGC, Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Videonanoscopy of the thymic immunological synapse during leukemogenesis

Arnauld Sergé (LAI) - Magali Irla (Ciml), Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Defining the molecular landscape of premature aging disease through biological networks

Anaïs Baudot, Ozan Ozisik, Alberto Valdeolivas; MMG, Marseille Medical Genetics, Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Global characterisation of the adaptive immune receptor repertoires in "healthy" individuals and ones dealing with a viral infection

Nika Abdollahi, Veronique Giudicelli, Sofia Kossida; IMGT, Montpellier

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Characterisation of pleiotropic non-coding regulatory variants

Aitor González; TAGC, Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Domestication des transposons : l'exemple de RAG

Pierre Pontarotti; Mephi, Marseille

Posted Jul 10, 2022

Dual-sequencing, coexpression and gene regulatory network to unravel the genes involved in coevolution in fruit tree-pest interactions

Amandine Cornille; UMR GQE-Le Moulon (Institut Diversité Écologie et Évolution du Vivant), Gif-sur-Yvette at Université Paris Saclay

Posted Jul 10, 2022