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Licences & Professional degrees

  • The René Descartes Portal is the first year of the : Mathematics, Computer Science, Mechanics, Physics
  • The Marie Curie Portal is the first year of the following majors: : Physics, Chemistry, Engineering Sciences
  • The Louis Pasteur Portal is the first year of the following majors: : Life Sciences, Life and Earth Sciences, Health and Social Sciences, Chemistry

The multi-science pathway is common to the following bachelor's degrees: SV, SSS, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics, Mechanics, Physics, SPI, SVT.

  • Career paths

    The "métiers" courses, accessible from L2, after selection on the basis of applications and motivation, offer students the opportunity to choose a path that will enable them to enter the job market, leaving the initial training course at the end of L3.

    To this end, the "professions of" licenses give students all the keys they need to enter the socio-economic world.

    The aim is to build on the generalist and fundamental nature of the license, and to add a knowledge of the professional world, while remaining broad-spectrum in the given discipline.

    Students are expected to be the driving force behind their own career paths, but they will be supported in their choices by individualized support, which will be provided through a range of teaching modules.

    Depending on the field, these career paths will be supported by an internship starting in L2, and the possibility of a sandwich course in L3.

    Students will thus be able to develop both their technical skills and their knowledge of the business environment.

    Find out more about the 4 courses on offer and their specific features below:

These courses enable Bac + 2 graduates to refine their specialization or acquire a new skill. Set up in partnership with companies and professional sectors, these professional licenses enable direct professional integration. Close to the job market, they cover a wide range of professional fields.

Some courses may be offered as distance learning.